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Why are the mobile poker apps are so trending and popular nowadays? And why do they origin from asian region? Well, the reason lies in a huge underground market which adds value to the online poker community by expanding to new markets. Perhaps you don’t know, but China regime regarding online activities is more restrictive and online poker is forbidden there. Creation of poker apps successfully overcame that obstacle, by using a play money platform to run real money games. After that the rise of mobile poker in Asia was inevitable. This scheme allowed poker apps to avoid local regulation and bring Chinese poker players to play online.

With the growing interest from other segregated markets where online poker is currently restricted, recent poker apps like PPPoker and Upoker has already become popular outside of Asia, uniting poker players from all over the world and giving them the ability to enjoy playing poker anytime anywhere.


PokerMaster is the Most Popular Chinese Poker App. As other asian poker rooms it uses a playmoney application as a platform to run real money games. This scheme avoids local regulation laws and allows players from China to get access to cash games. Games are played in Chinese Yuan with mandatory straddles and antes at mostly 8-max tables. The app is easy to set up: you can register with phone number and just in few clicks create your own club or join a private table. There are thousands of different poker clubs you can choose from, but you can’t directly deposit into your account. Instead, you’ll need to work with one of the reputable agents online, they are also your direct link to the softest club games. PokerMaster: fun table features, low-rake environment, high traffic and loose action.

Chineese, English
CNY (Chinese Yuan)

PokerKing Asia, which belongs to high stakes live poker room in Macau, was the home of asian high stakes games for quite some time. After They decided to operate strictly in China, games have become unavailable for overseas players. Good news came in 2019 with the release of a brand new PKCusa app, allowing players from North America to sign up and enjoy PKC platform. The two apps are mostly the same, the difference from an asian version is a new english interface and user-friendly navigation. Comparing to PokerMaster, here you join big public communities, not private clubs. That makes the player pool bigger and games are running 24/7. Another great thing about this app is that you deposit and withdraw your funds at your convenience by using bitcoin.

USA, Canada, Mexico, PR
NLHE, Short Deck , Splash
English, Vietnamese, Chineese
CNY (Chinese Yuan)

Amongst dozens of mobile poker apps there is one player that develops faster than others and offers the best conditions. PPPoker has recently surpassed PokerMaster and become the most popular Asian poker app in 2019. With 11 supported languages and vast variety of game types It has become truly the largest international poker community.. Players from all over the world can download the app and start playing within a minute or create their own clubs and organize games to their taste. It is super easy! Being only a poker software, not an operator itself, in order to play in the poker room, players should make deposits and cashouts via agents.

NLHE (HU, 6max, FR), PLO, PLO5, MIX, OFC, 6+, SNG, MTT
English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian + 7 more
Chips (exchanged for real money)

Upoker belongs to a new generation of poker applications running in improved software and competing with PPPoker in that area. The app’s system of creating games offers better conditions for clubs’ owners, causing the migration of clubs from other applications. Upoker has proved to be a valuable addition in terms of availability of games across all game types and stakes and It is rapidly gaining popularity in 2019 inside and outside of asia.

NLHE (HU, 6max, FR), Short Deck, PLO, OFC, MTT
English, Chinese
Chips (exchanged for real money)

Mobile poker apps are fair and trusted platforms, which is why the card dealing algorithm,or RNG(Random Number Generator), utilised in games is certified by GLI. Every app has been developed with high security standards. Playing in Very safe and secure environment is guaranteed by all the major companies of this market. Read more about it on their official websites.

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